What's Our Story?
We recognize the problem of plastic pollution on our earth and in our oceans. That is why we developed our two-pronged approach to eliminate single use plastics! By providing a bamboo toothbrush that is eco friendly and bio-degradable, we are preventing plastic toothbrushes from finding their way to the oceans. The second step happens when we work with our partner organization, Ocean Blue who helps remove a pound of plastic from our beaches or oceans with every brush bought!


Why Toothbrushes? 
In the United States alone, there are 50 Million pounds of plastic toothbrushes thrown away every year. When there are simple solutions like a bamboo brush that functions the same, there's no need for this kind of waste! We plan on expanding our product category to more sustainable and eco-friendly products, but thought this is a great place to start!

What does EVAS stand for?
When thinking of what to name our company, we focused on the underlying theme of what we were hoping to accomplish, and that was to save. Save our world, save our oceans, and of course save your teeth! As simple, and as cheesy as it may be EVAS is just Save backwards.


What do we hope to accomplish?
Our number one goal is to reduce waste and provide eco-friendly alternatives. As we grow we hope to add many more products that are safer for our environment, but we can't make the impact we want without people like you doing their part! 

Help Us Remove Plastic From The Ocean